Welcome to Swan 2000 Tennis Academy!


Dear Parents,


We are really pleased that you chose SWAN 2000 Tennis Academy for coaching your child.


The founder of the Academy is Robert Pelyhe. I hold a tennis coaching certificate accredited by the London based Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). My tennis coaching method is based on a London scheme where I was taught this trade.


What exactly does it mean for your child?


It means that your child can learn to play tennis according to the most effective method. Your child will get the most suitable tennis rackets, balls using the most appropriate tennis court, net and other appliances and teaching aids. The child can learn in the age-class that is best suited for him or her. Alternatively, there is also a chance of individual tennis coaching.


The aim of SWAN 2000 Tennis Academy is to teach your child the most appropriate use of tennis racket, the different grips, types of swings and strokes and the methods of ball control and have a good sense of ball within a short range of time. Besides, the aim of this school is to create a community where your child can fit in and get to know the basics of tennis, the main technical terms of tennis. Also, our aim is to educate the child to learn competitive spirit and  be able to play tennis with his fellows as a routine.


Tennis gives pleasure and amusement for which a child should be steadfast and assiduous and the coaching programme should be regular, but that latter one is given by SWAN 2000 Tennis Academy.


We are ready to take care of every child who would like to take his coaching programme more seriously and get the hang of tennis at a competitor’s level in the long-run. As the founder of the Tennis Academy I not only have domestic, but English experience, so I am able to prepare your child for tennis tournaments in England (even in Wimbledon).


To achieve this, SWAN 2000 Tennis Academy is a good preparatory school with a very effective training method for every nice child.


Finally what we offer in the first two months as a programme:


·          use of the racket: grips and types of swings

·          ball control with hands and with rackets

·          tennis court orientation

·          ready position

·          use of the arm and the wrist

·          foot work

·          ground strokes: forehand stroke and backhand stroke

·          follow-through

·          hand-eye coordination

·          to keep the ball in play

·          preparation for a longer tennis rally


Have a good fun for everybody


Robert Pelyhe